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6120 Lendell Road
Sanborn, New York 14132

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Phone Us


716-504-7700 (local #)

1-888-274-4762 (fax #)


Email Us

Business Hours

Mon - Fri  8am - 4:30pm

Phone Extensions & Email

Use the "printing@" email address first per below
unless trying to contact someone in particular

Greg Blum, Executive Vice President  ext. 115

Fran Odobrina, Production Manager  ext. 117

Jake Marek, Prepress Supervisor ext. 105

Larry Wallworth, Digital & Prepress ext. 105

(use same Email as above)

Diane Donnor, Human Resources  ext. 113

Rich Bollinger, Account Manager & Sales  ext. 108

Nancy Price, Customer Service/

Commercial Estimates  ext. 110

Irene Schmidt, Accounts Payable  ext. 112

Shipping Department  ext. 119

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