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Sometimes sending a proof seems like a waste of calories.


"Hey! That job was an exact repeat!" .... or ... "You just turned around and sent me the same PDF back that I sent you!" ... or .... "My customer's waiting for this job and you wasted time sending me a PROOF?" 


Well, believe it or not, many proofs are sent for an actual reason! But Prepress NEVER (with very few exceptions) determines when a Proof will be sent. Our Customer Service Department has a list of instances in which they ask us to send proofs:


  • When you send us a new file to be Preflighted, Customer Service automatically puts that job through for a Proof, even though you may not have asked for one. (Hint: Make sure you specifically ask NOT to get a proof on your P.O., and they just MAY pass that along to us!)

  • Exact Repeats over a certain dollar amount have Proofs automatically added into the instructions to Prepress.

  • When an Exact Repeat is pretty old and hard copy can't be found for it, you may get a proof for it.

  • Some very cautious customers ask for a proof on EVERY job, no matter how simple or how often repeated it may be. We've run into cases when a customer told us to pick up Lot 1 of a certain job, we sent them a proof, and they said "Ooops, that was the wrong lot!" or similar scenarios.


We have no issue with sending you proof, no matter how small the job. But if you have an issue with GETTING one you didn't want, jot a note to Customer Service.

Why Did I Get that Proof?



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