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As your first line of defense against the Curse of the Faulty File, the gurus in
Shipman Prepress are here to help!


With combined experience of over 55 years in the print industry (well, some of those years
overlap!), the Shipman Prepress Team is conversant in Adobe Creative Suite 6 (InDesign,
Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat), as well as QuarkXPress, and backed by the power of
the Xitron Sierra Workflow System (plus we just happen to know some arcane things about
other technology as well, like Mac OSX).


As you check out our Prepress Hints section, from time to time you'll run into "Ole Down and Dirty," who
will dispense folksy, homespun tidbits of wisdom about the roll-up-your-sleeves, nitty-gritty aspects of Prepress.
(Pay attention to the old codger; he really knows his stuff!)


Available by phone between 6:30 am and 4:00 pm EST, Prepress will also answer your questions via email
throughout the day. Have a nagging problem with InDesign? QuarkXPress not behaving? Drop us an email and we'll
have a good chat! If we can't figure out what you need on the spot, we can most likely find out the answer for you!

Need envelope templates? Tri-fold brochure? Download them here!

Remember: When YOU'RE not happy, WE'RE not happy!

Prepress Supervisor -- Jake Marek

(800) 462-2114

ext. 105

Ole Down and Dirty

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