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Upload or Download large files to and from your own folder here on Shipman's FTP site.  If you already have an FTP folder with us, contact us at 800 462-2114 or 716 504-7700 for your company's Username and
. Please keep this info in a safe place. If you don't already have a folder, contact us and we'll have one set up for you.


  1. Log in to the Link above, using the same User Name
    and Password.

  2. COPY your file or folder (right-click and choose "copy").

  3. PASTE into the Shipman FTP folder.

  4. Email and/or call Shipman (email preferred) and tell us that
    your file/folder has been uploaded and what it’s called, in case
    there are a lot of files or folders in there already.

  5. (NOTE that you will NOT be able to DELETE  files or folders
    out of Shipman’s FTP site if you are not actually in Shipman’s
    internal network.)

  6. Call your Customer Service or Sales Rep here at Shipman
    to tell them that you've uploaded your files.

​If you have any trouble at all accessing
the site, please contact 
Mike Fiore at
800 462-2114 or 716 504-7700 
ext. 123.

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